who am I?

I’m Claire, I’m from Australia, and I’m a writer; a romance writer to be specific.

I currently write lesbian romance; however, it’s certainly not the only genre of love I enjoy reading or writing (I guiltily admit I’m a Mills & Boon/Harlequin fan on occasion, and sob over a soppy romance movie).

I like to explore character personality nuances and how that affects their perceptions of the world and their relationships. My poor characters are often put through the wringer on their path to self-discovery and, of course, peace of heart.

After finding the world of lesbian fan fiction a few years back, I became immersed in the girl-meets-girl world I’d never before been exposed to and wanted more. I soon became part of the group that wrote the stories. I picked up my keyboard and began typing and, after dealing with the blush-factor of writing sex scenes which started out as nervous-virgin but eventually turned into shameless-erotica, I discovered the readers enjoyed my work also. Major ego boost!

Enter the next phase of my life. Becoming a self-published writer. A dream I’ve had for many years, though admittedly, I initially wanted to be the author of an identification guide for native plant species of Australia. Obviously, I branched out (pun intended).

When not fighting my chocolate addiction, or negotiating peace treaties between my children, you’ll find me at my computer typing away merrily while my back complains bitterly about being too bloody short for my office chair!

Seriously, I’m going ergonomic the instant I sell a book!


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