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Welcome to my 2013 journey

I’m Claire Evans and I’m a writer. You’ll know me from…well…nowhere. For now. This year has been my year to take myself seriously and see what I can do about getting published. I write a variety of genres with romance and my new love, fantasy, as the forerunners.

My fantasy novels are based for a Young Adult age group, but are pretty ‘audience general’ and can be enjoyed by all. That’s the theory, anyway. But that’s for another time, another pseudonym.

As for romance, well, they’re quirky. I like to write satirical, first-person romances; however, this isn’t a golden rule…just one I enjoy. And to mix things up in this genre – because really, who doesn’t like mixing things up? – I write both mainstream (hetero) and lesbian romance. Claire Evans is my lesbian romance hat, and is currently my preferred genre to write (and read…and edit). I mean, really, who doesn’t love reading a beautiful romance tale between two women? For those who don’t, well, I feel quite saddened for them as they’re missing out on a whole realm of wonderful stories and story tellers.

So, the story so far: I’m unpublished, I want to be published, so what happens next? First things first, finish and polish a manuscript. I’ve been writing seriously for several years now, though the love of it has been with me since I can remember. I spent a lot of time writing fan fiction in the past two years, which proved to be an excellent learning tool for the craft! My current manuscript is my 2013 brainchild and (hopefully) the beginning of a career.


Last year I completed an editing degree, so technically, I’m an editor and I co-edit for a good friend of mine, Lyn Gardner. She’s currently published two ebooks that are doing very well, and another in the works. She’s a self-publisher and she’s my hero! I hope to follow in her success. Or at least tag along in the wake. Here’s a link to her most successful lesbian romance novel so far ->

All in all, 2013 is VERY busy on the writing scene and I hope I can keep up! This blog will no doubt alternate between me ranting about having so much to do, or me raving about mini successes I’ve had along the way. Hopefully, the journey is enjoyable to read. If not…well…oops.

Let’s start the blog off with a rave:

My first manuscript is complete and has been edited!

Okay…time for a rant.

I’m now rewriting a sizable amount of the plot as it all got a little too melodramatic. What was intended to be lighthearted and face-paced got a little deep and dark. This delays my publishing date goal a touch, but the end product will be all the better for it. I promise you’ll thank me for it!


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